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We here at AMAEC believe that life is about choices and everyone can create their own destiny. The body is a phenomenal system. When given the right ingredients the body is able to restore and enhance itself to its best optimal state of health that is right for you.

At AMAEC we are committed to helping individuals reach their optimal state of health no matter what area it may be, we are here to give you the tools to make that lifelong change whether its physical or emotional We are here for you every step of the way.

Alternative Medicine and Education Center (AMAEC) Is a holistic and alternative clinic that also educate individuals on mindfulness and wellness. Offering several alternative and holistic treatments that may improve the quality of ones life and over all well-being.

Bringing wellness to harmony in body mind and spirit.


Aromatherapy (included with other services)
Toe Reading
Ionic Foot Detox Treatment
Crystal Healing Soak

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Weight Reduction/Weigh Management
Relaxation Massage
Polarity (included with other services)

Cryoskin treatments
Healing Jewelry
Aromatherapy products

Relaxation / Swedish Massage

The benefits of massage are endless.
Massage helps the body decreases stress. This allows stress hormones to change the chemistry of the brain, resulting in mood improvement, also Improvement of cholesterol levels, circulation, sleep, headaches and muscle tension. Massage helps move toxins out the body by pushing the lymphatic fluid which will improve the immune system and help fight off infections.
Massage treatments
1 hour massage
30 min massage
10,20,30 min Chair massage
Services that can be added with massage
Crystal Healing


If you would like to improve your health with relaxation massage call 602-412-3988 to schedule an appointment

Weight Reduction / Weight Management

Our weight reduction program is a combination of treatments which can include:
Nutrition planning
Detox treatments
Exercise prescription

If you are interested in becoming a healthier you call 602-412-3988 For free consultation to see which program is right for you

Cryoskin Treatments
Toe reading

What is toe reading?

Toe reading is the emotional and memorable print out of everything that has happened to you in your life accessible through toe tissue. Toe reading is based from an old science called reflexology out of China that been around for over 5000 years. Your toes reveal how you cope with your feelings as well as your thoughts. Toe readers can assist the client in helping them understand their journey in life and where they want to be as their toes reveal the emotional and memorable journeys which a person have lived also toe reading can give information on what type of person they are or what traits and qualities they may have. This information can be used to assist in helping a person to live a more productive healthier lifestyle. Toe reading can be added to other treatments like life coaching hypnotherapy, weight reduction etc.

If you would like to improve your health using toe reading or like more information and to schedule an appointment call 602-412-3988



What is Reiki?

Reiki therapy is an alternative therapy treatment that is also called energy healing. Reiki therapy has been around for over 100 years originated from Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki means universal life.

(Rei)means universal(ki)means life. The practitioner holds there hand slightly over the receiver’s body and a transformation of energy flows from the universe to the practitioner to the receiver. As the energy beings to flow the practitioner can feel her hands heating from the energy after the feeling is gone the practitioner will move her hands to another part of the body.

Reiki therapy is beneficial for relieving stress helping the body relax and improving the body overall well-being, emotionally mentally and spiritually. Reiki is used for conditions such as depression, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, stress and chronic pain. Reiki also have been known to help speed up the healing process and improve many other symptoms and conditions.

If you would like to improve your health with Reiki therapy call 602-412-3988 for more information or to schedule an appointment 


What is reflexology?

Reflexology is an old alternative practice that is done by applying pressure to the feet, hands and ears. When applying pressure to these areas it corresponds with organs in the body and other parts of the body system. Applying pressure to these areas affects the organs and assist in improving the body’s well-being. The benefits of reflexology is endless. Reflexology has been used to help reduce pain and psychological symptoms such as an anxiety and depression, improving sleep help with relaxation help with medical conditions, such as asthma cancer diabetes etc.

If you would like more information or to use reflexology to improve your health call 602-412-3988 to schedule an appointment


What is Polarity?

Polarity is an alternative treatments that is used to balancing out the energy in the body. There are three types of energy fields in the body.

Spiral currents that starts at the Naval and expand outward of the body.

Long line currents that go from north to south in the body.

Transverse that goes from east to west in the body.

During the polarity session the practitioner
Scans the body for energy blockages. This therapy can be done by doing many different techniques like massage and stretching exercises. Polarity therapy is helpful for improving:
Headaches, stress, depression, back pain anxiety, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other health conditions.

If you would like more information or to improve your health with polarity therapy call 602-412-3988 to schedule an appointment.

Ionic foot detox

Ionic foot detox treatment?

Ionic foot detox treatment is a cleanse that is used to detoxify and cleanse the body by drawing out impurities out of the body through the feet. There are over 2000 pores on each foot and they tend to be larger pours making them easier to release toxins. Liver detoxification results in less body fluid retention, improves memory, improves bladder control, improve circulation, yeast infection, pain relief and headaches, arthritis pain reducing glucose levels and bad cholesterol. There is a gray belt that can be used in each treatment. The gray belt is use for healing and helps relieve pain the belt can be applied around shoulders, knees, waist and neck, but mostly around the waist it will help boost the metabolism. This treatment can be used with or without the belt and the belt can be used alone to increase the metabolism and can be used in other weight reduction or weight management treatments. The benefits of ionic cleansing are but not limited to, increase energy, decrease pain, increase range of motion, improved muscle strength, improving function of the organ system, balancing the pH and electrical energy, neutralizing free radicals, improve circulation, remove unwanted toxins and improve circular function. Each session is relaxing and 30 minutes long.

If you would like more information or to use ionic foot detox treatment to improve your health call 602-412-3988 to schedule an appointment

Crystal Healing Foot Soak

What is a crystal healing foot soak ?

Clients feet are soaked in water with Himalayan salt crystals and healing crystals are placed around treatment area.  Essential Oils and a foot massage is included for enhancement.

Ancient China, Rome, Egypt and Greece have used Himalayan crystal to treat and heal many conditions. The benefits of a Himalayan crystal soak are : Detoxifying the body, Reduce aches and pains, improve sleep, Help with hydration, Aid in nerve and muscle function, Help improve blood pressure, Help improve circulation, Help regulate insulin, Help calcium absorption and many other things the benefits are endless.

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment call 602-412-3988 


What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy also called essential oil therapy is an art and science that uses aromatic essences from plants to balance and improved health physically and emotionally. This is not a new therapy. Aromatherapy have been used for over 5000 years. Today aromatherapy is widely used in Europe, England and France. Real essential oils are very powerful, they are 75 to 100 times more powerful then dry herbs. The essential oils are so powerful because they are part of the plants immune system their defense system, which can come from various parts of the plant such as the roots, fruit, flower, stock, leaves, twigs etc.

Essential oils can be used alone or they could be added to a blend. The benefits of using aromatherapy is endless. 
Aromatherapy can be used for but not limited to muscle cramps, PMS menopause, hormonal acne, anger aggression, mood swings , anxiety, stress cell rejuvenator, digestion problems, cold sore, sore throat, athletes foot, warts, colds and flu Weight reduction, stop smoking, cuts, bruises, creativity, sleep disorders, insect bites, asthma and so much more.

If you would like more information or to use aromatherapy to help improve your health call 602-412-3988 to schedule an appointment

Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is also called hypnotherapy which is a natural trance like state where you have a high level of focus and concentration. In this state you are more open to suggestions that will allow positive change. When you’re in a hypnotic state you are not asleep, in fact you are fully aware and able to respond.
During hypnosis there is a change in the brain activity, the brain inters the alpha state which is like when you first fall asleep. While you are awake your brain is in the beta state. As you fall asleep the brain changes to alpha then theta and then to delta as you sleep. The alpha and beta states is where you can be very dreamy and the mind is open to visualization and more creative. You are using your subconscious mind in this state which will allow you to change behaviors thoughts and develop effective coping skills. 

Hypnosis is effective for but not limited to:
Weight reduction, insomnia, pain management, addiction, depression, anxiety, and many other physiological and psychological, emotional issues.

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment call 602-412-3988

Meet the Practitioner

Francisca Martinez has been practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy and other alternative, holistic practices for over 14 years. Combining her background in behavioral psychology and addiction counseling, Francisca has created an unique approach for treating many physical and emotional issues. Francisca believes that the body is design into one solid unit. When one part of the body is not working properly it creates an imbalance state that causes other parts of the body not to flow at its best. Francisca has been dedicated for over a decade helping people from all over, reach their highest optimal health in body mind and spirit.



Hypnosis help with pain

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